Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness EAM Takes You to World Class Maintenance, Reliability, and Operating Success, Part 1

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Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness uses systems engineering and life-cycle risk elimination to get highly reliable enterprise asset management, operations and maintenance processes
You use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to re-engineer your company and operational processes for utmost reliability and maximum success
You get optimal life-cycle asset management and business processes delivering outstanding plant, equipment, and process reliability



Your organization is a ‘system’ with a purpose. Your people, processes, materials, infrastructure, information and knowledge are arranged in some coordinated fashion to reach that purpose. Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness lets you achieve your business goals by getting you world class operating asset reliability much faster, and for far less cost, than by any other way.

Using the principles of system reliability engineering to design industrial enterprises gets business risk elimination, optimization, robustness, anti-fragility, excellence, efficiency, waste eradication, loss prevention, simplicity, cost removal, continuous improvement, innovation, experimentation, learning organizations, and high reliability organizations. You get the utmost operating success and profits, sustained throughout the future of an ever increasingly successful operation.

Now, every organization can get world class maintenance, reliability and Operational Excellence success

But to do so, the ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future. You can’t carry any more wastes, losses and inefficiencies in your operations. A big part of the answer is to have highly reliable and utmost productive operating assets—that is the job of Plant Wellness Way EAM.

The book, Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness, shows how to take your company and put the most effective physical asset management, maintenance management, reliability engineering, and operations management processes into your operating site.

Human wellness is the state where body, mind and spirit are holistically integrated and we are healthier, happier, more resilient people. When a person has “wellness” they do tasks with gusto, live their passion and maximize their potential for greatness. The same can be said of a business that has wellness. They are robust, reliable, self-improving, integrated business systems best suited for getting maximum success in today’s and tomorrow’s world without harming our Earth. In industrial and manufacturing organizations, Systems Reliability Engineering principles allow us to design and create companies with wellness.

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness uses Physics-of-Failure science to get asset management and operational management strategy. It is the first asset management methodology that generates operational and asset maintenance strategy from materials-of-construction physical science and equipment reliability first principles.

It delivers life cycle operational risk reduction by concentrating on component defect elimination and parts operating failure prevention. By targeting component health and well-being the methodology delivers high machine and equipment reliability that consequently lets production reach world class operational and maintenance performance.

Unlike other asset and maintenance management methodologies that focus on doing maintenance, the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology applies risk controls and protection across the organization and throughout the asset life cycle to prevent the microstructure failure of components. It thereby eliminates the need for maintenance of your equipment.

Figure 1 is a stylized overview of the Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness methodology. Starting with understanding how to minimize the stress and risk in equipment materials-of-construction, you use the Stress to Business Process Model to identify what actions need to be done throughout the life cycle to get utmost component reliability.

Every action is allocated to the most appropriate process in the organization, and it is made a task in the role and duties of the best persons to do the work. You engineer and build the minimal organizational structure, the correct knowledge bases, the right quality standards, and the necessary skills across the organization to achieve world class operational performance.

The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness component stress to business process model
Figure 1 – The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness Component Stress to Business Process Model


There are many benefits to be gained in adopting the Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness methodology.

  • Bring aerospace and spacecraft design principles to business and organizational design.
  • Predict and proactively maximize success in every business process.
  • The techniques and methods are simple and readily used in any organization.
  • You visualize and better understand business process interactions and their effects.
  • Apply “the scientific method” of insight and discovery to business process and job design.
  • Design ideal business processes instead of fixing failure-prone business processes.
  • Reliability concepts are made simple to understand and use in the business and workplace.
  • Use universally applicable process improvement concepts, methods and thought-tools.
  • Take a system-wide mentality and perspective in Change Management so you design and build processes that are most easily able to deliver the required performance.
  • The methods and techniques allow businesses to optimize their entire organization, and not only a process or a department.


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Author: Mike Sondalini

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