Health and Environment

Taking as a starting point the health conditions and the environment for the operationalization of processes, Ricardo & Barbosa implemented two new procedures, establishing partnerships with its partners MAFICETI and Safety Kleen Portugal.
MAFICETI – Due to the impossibility of changing internal machining processes, Ricardo & Barbosa sought to improve safety and health at work by the functional parameters of the cutting fluids in order to guarantee greater stability and longevity of the same, with the inherent reduction of the amounts of fluids and cutting used, reduction of the volume of aqueous residue generated, reduction of negative effects on (allergies, skin irritations among others …), reduction of negative effects associated with quality machined parts, and also contributing to the increase in productivity.
SAFETY KLEEN – In order to optimize the part washing system, which previously was performed manually, the JETKLEEN washing system, which of a semi-automatic system in which the machine itself is an individual protective equipment, insofar as the developer does not have direct contact with the washing product. Initially a solvent was used to wash the parts, the properties of which were harmful the environment and the health of workers. Thus, we opted for the of an aqueous washing product which does not pose any risk to the environment and health.

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