Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness EAM Takes You to World Class Maintenance, Reliability, and Operating Success, Part 3

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Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness uses systems engineering and life-cycle risk elimination to get highly reliable enterprise asset management, operations and maintenance processes
You use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to re-engineer your company and operational processes for utmost reliability and maximum success
You get optimal life-cycle asset management and business processes delivering outstanding plant, equipment, and process reliability



The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness methodology is a powerful alternative to using Lean and Six Sigma for operational performance improvement

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness doesn’t need Lean or Six Sigma to make companies successful, because it gets you to build powerful processes that follow the laws of reliability engineering and sound materials science. Plant Wellness Way EAM solutions are based totally on true physics and science, proper business risk analysis and management, and factual system reliability engineering principles and methods.

Adopt the Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness philosophy and methodology at a site and you:

  1. Design highly successful processes and a powerful business system for maximum production success.
  2. Put a world class asset management system into your company totally suitable for ISO 55001 and ISO 9001 accreditation, while engineering and improving your business processes until they optimize operational success.
  3. Get a rapid fall in maintenance and operating costs by eradicating operating risks.
  4. Reduce your spares holding and warehousing requirements to only those items that make you most profitable.
  5. Deliver a rapid reduction in plant breakdowns and unplanned outages so throughput rockets up and production costs dive.
  6. Develop a highly knowledgeable, skilled and competent maintenance and operations workforce who deliver the highest reliability possible.
  7. Extend the time between shutdowns and turnarounds so production has long, trouble-free runs where everything goes right.
  8. Educate and upskill everyone in how to get world class physical asset performance, and then do better again.
  9. Maximize your operating profits forevermore with a business system-of-reliability that delivers the utmost operational success.
  10. Make risk management decision of sure “proven worth” and protect yourself and your organization against making wrong choices.

Now, design, build and embed world class reliability into your organization and its operating assets with total certainty

Quite literally, you can engineer your business processes to always get the greatest reliability, maintenance and operational success. The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness methodology is invented to be the quickest way to take asset intensive organizations to the heights of operations, maintenance and asset management performance.

Time is against you. You must quickly revolutionize our production operations with the physical asset management, maintenance management, and reliability engineering that guarantees Operational Excellence success in all your operations.

Start now to get your company and its people discovering and using the best solutions. Start using ever more successful ways to build a world class enterprise asset management system for exceptional operational success.



Author: Mike Sondalini

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