The benefits of high-speed CNC milling

CNC Milling is computer numeric controlled type machining, hence the name. It is a process that involves cutting and drilling for the use of different machines. Rotating cylindrical cutting tool is used, but there are more sophisticated machines like those that move along various axes to create all kinds of shapes, holes and slots. 5 machining axes has become very popular and because of what it can achieve. There is also the high speed CNC milling that is now embraced by the manufacturers because of what they can achieve.

High-speed CNC milling offers lots of benefits of different types of application and is a technology that can be applied in milling cavities in high-alloy steel tools. Using suitable cutting and retention tools for operation, the milling on hard surfaces becomes very easy and quick. There is only so much that can be achieved from the high speed milling, but what are the benefits that made this type of machining so popular and reliable?

1 The high speed cutter offers shallow cuts and reduces engagement time to the vanguard. The feed is faster than the heat propagation time. Shallow cuts reduce radial forces on shaft and tool, saving shaft bearings, ball screws and guide ways.

2 with the low cutting force involved in milling, there are small and consistent tooling inflections making the process highly reproductive and safe, especially when combined with constant stock for each toll and operation.

3 High-speed CNC milling makes cutting small components productive. The performance is economical and ideal with rough, semi-Finishing and finish as the total material removal is low. It becomes easy to achieve good surface finishes using this technology.

4 machining makes it possible to work on very thin walls. With the appropriate grinding tool paths and shortened contact time between work piece and rim, the vibrations and deflexions of the walls are avoided. The milling maintains very sharp edges and micro-positive geometry cutters to achieve the best results with this use.

5 with the geometric accuracy of the moulds and die, there is a faster mounting. Nothing beats the CNC produced surfaces textures and geometry and in addition reduces the manual polishing time by a huge percentage.

6 High-speed CNC machining also translates into mould durability and dies. This is because issues such as vertical fatigue cracks that are common with the EDM are reduced, hence there is no risk of rupture.

The other benefits that come with high-speed CNC milling include reduced costs, because there are less raw materials and labor costs, increased automation that comes with computer-controlled machines numerically, increased efficiency and high flexibility. The possibility of errors is also greatly minimized with high-speed milling and the operation remains uninterrupted. There is greater accuracy and the possibility of integrating different programs to achieve the exact type of results you expect with the process. In the process, you can use programs repeatedly, so you easily create similar objects and copies in a much shorter time.

Source by William Mittal

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