Your Time Is Money – Outsource!

Have you ever been interested in doing something in your business that required the technical know-how that you just did not have? You tried and tried to figure it out only to stumble across glitch after glitch. You then spend hours on Googling the particulars to no avail and were left frustrated. How much work actually got done after you reached a glitch? How much money was lost in productivity that you could have made if you were able to resolve the problem?

Sometimes when we are working with a business budget we tend to want to do things ourselves. Not for the gratification of accomplishing a task on our own but to save money. We begin our month with a set amount to spend and are determined not to spend more than that amount. Well, sticking to your guns is admirable. However, there are times when it is more to not spend.

Consider what the wealthy do when they are deciding on whether to do a task themselves or to outsource the task. They do the math. They figure out how much they are worth per hour. Once they figure out how much they are worth hourly they search out how much it would cost to have someone do that task. If the amount that it costs to hire someone to do that task is a lesser rate than what they feel they are worth they pay someone to do the work.

Outsourcing is no longer something that is reserved for the wealthy. Anyone can take advantage of hundreds of times even thousands of people who are willing to do tasks at a very low cost. One company that offers people to do a task for a fee is Odesk. This is a company that offers freelancers that do everything from customer service and administrative support to web design and software development. One of the outstanding characteristics of this company is that it offers a rating system. The contractors are actually rated by the customers that they have worked with. You can see before- hand, based on the experience of what others have had, what you are getting for your money. I mention Odesk because it comes highly recommended, I do not have an affiliation with them.

No one likes spending money when they are on a tight budget. However, there are times when it cost less to spend money. Times that warrant hiring a freelancer is one of those times. Your time is money, and unless you have a lot of time to spare, outsourcing menial tasks or tasks that you do not really have the technical knowledge to complete can actually save you more money than what you would be paying to hire someone to do the work.

Source by Carol K Hammond

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