Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness EAM Takes You to World Class Maintenance, Reliability, and Operating Success, Part 2

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Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness uses systems engineering and life-cycle risk elimination to get highly reliable enterprise asset management, operations and maintenance processes
You use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to re-engineer your company and operational processes for utmost reliability and maximum success
You get optimal life-cycle asset management and business processes delivering outstanding plant, equipment, and process reliability



Use Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness methodology to design and build a system for utmost operating asset reliability

The book is a production plant reliability management “user manual” for industrial organizations. Use it to choose and apply the strategies and practices that put the best solutions for enterprise asset management and operational excellence success into your production plants, factories, utilities, processing operations, industrial operating sites—any organization that uses machinery in their business will be far more successful far sooner with Plant Wellness Way EAM.

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness is a completely risk based methodology to create corporate, life cycle, operational and maintenance processes that maximize plant, equipment and machinery uptime for least life cycle costs. It is fully compatible with the ISO 9001 quality management system standard and the ISO 55001 asset management system standard.

It lets organizations use the ISO 55001 asset management framework while it re-engineers and improves your business processes until they optimize operational success. You can use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology with complete confidence that you will build both an operation that is fully complaint to recognized standards, and can become a world class organization capable of great operational performance improvement.


Figure 2 shows the path you climb to outstanding plant availability when you follow the Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness way. You are guided to use scientific, math and financial facts to make the most profitable business choices. You gain powerful ways to think, along with the right paradigms and their new, insightful methods to follow, that bring outstanding physical asset reliability to any operation.


Where Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness Takes Organizations
Figure 2 – Where Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness Takes Organizations


The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness way eliminates operating risks and maximizes production uptime by giving you failure-free, healthy physical assets ready and capable of Operational Excellence success and profits. Asset Managers, Operations Managers and Maintenance Managers get a robust, risk-free way to test and check an idea or proposal will work before its promoted to the Executive Board.


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Author: Mike Sondalini

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