Ricardo & Barbosa, Lda., started operations on April 01, 1978

Its origin was Sergio dos Santos Barbosa company. Starting with six employees and some tool machines, its activity consisted to render services, specially in the electronic Industry, for example, Texas Instruments and Portuguese Electromechanics Preh, Lda.

Due to the high quality of its services, our company knows a very fast development. Since 1984 Ricardo & Barbosa, Lda. became one of the most prestigious national companies, manufacturing precision mechanical Spare Parts, having been homologated supplier of some important companies, for example, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics.

In a plant with 3400m2 surface area, our 98 specialised operators are supported by the most modern production, quality control and drawing equipments, which trust our customers accuracy, quality and precision.

On March 2012, Ricardo & Barbosa Lda. started operations in Mexico, in a plant with 1000m2 surface area, as mold and tool maker of Spare parts for semiconductor industry, electric cable in car industry and precision mechanical Spare parts.

In a market more and more demanding and competittive, Ricardo & Barbosa Lda. decided to implant and trust a Quality System based on norm NP EN ISO 9001:2000 since October 2000.

The Quality concept has been extended to all the activities of companies, including the environmental protection. For this reason, Ricardo & Barbosa Lda. is certified on norm NP EN ISO14001:2004 since November 2003.

Quality & Environment

In a market more and more demanding and competitive Ricardo & Barbosa, Lda. decided to implant and trust a Quality and Environment System based on norm NP EN ISO 9001:2000 and NP EN ISO 14001:2004.

This implementation and maintenance of a Quality and Environment System has the following targets:

  • To supply a quality improvement of our products;
  • To improve customers satisfaction, by supplying quality products and services according their requests and specs;
  • To trust a continuous improvement of our Quality and Environment System, with the responsability and participation of all collaborators;
  • To make right at first time;
  • Respect the Environment and collaborators, following the Environmental specs;
  • To evaluate periodically the Environmental specs;
  • To improve the management of industrial scraps.
  • All collaborators must follow this Quality and Environment Policy, with the Management support and engagement.